“People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”                                                                                  - Seth Godin


Principal & Owner

Alyson brings 15 years’ experience to the team, with in-depth experience in the corporate, sport, and post-secondary education sectors regionally, provincially and at the national level. She specializes in brand and web design, crisis and issues management, stakeholder relations, and major engagement projects. Additionally, Alyson has collaborated with all levels of government from municipal, provincial to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Office of the Governor General of Canada

Jenny Spurr - headshot_edited.jpg

Communications Strategist

Jenny is a communications strategist and public relations professional based in the Bow Valley, just outside of Banff National Park. She loves working with the community, and has over a decade of experience managing communications campaigns, coordinating media events and building community partnerships. 

​Jenny is a proud member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and is the only Communication Management Professional certified by the Global Communication Certification Council in the Bow Valley. 


Social Media & Digital Specialist

Kassandra Kondo is a seasoned content creator and social media specialist spanning over 6 years. Her experiences include monetizing and managing blogs, writing creative copy for traditional and digital media, managing social media accounts as well as producing other marketing-related content across a variety of mediums. In addition to her marketing experience, she also manifests an interest in public relations.

Emily Norum - headshot.jpg

Communications Coordinator

Emily is a communications coordinator with over four years of experience in sales and marketing. Emily has worked within many start-up companies and local businesses and understands the importance of customer communication and engagement at all stages.

Ashley Stephens.JPG

Graphic Designer

Ashley is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been studying art and design for over 10 years. Since graduating with her Diploma in Web & Graphic Design, she has continued to expand her knowledge in the industry, focusing on brand strategy, problem-solving and creating visually appealing, simple and effective designs. She has worked with many businesses in Northern BC, assisting them with their brands, websites, social media graphics, advertising and more.


Marketing Communications Associate

Christina is a marketing and communications professional experienced in developing and implementing effective strategies and tactics that produce measurable results.


With over a decade of marketing and communications experience, Christina has a demonstrated ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders while achieving organizational objectives.  


Project Manager

Roya is an experienced Project Manager with a background in managing multi-level projects. She brings over 10 years of experience in process and program management.


A result-driven individual, Roya has a proven track record in delivering optimal results with measurable outcomes. She is detailed focused with a keen ability to keep projects on time, and on budget.

Janet Briscoe - headshot_edited.jpg

Social Media Strategist & Public Relations Specialist

Janet Briscoe is a social media and communications professional with over 8 years of experience. Janet’s career has led her to work with brands that range from travel and aviation to fashion and lifestyle, including Porter Airlines, WE Charity and TKEES. Her expertise has allowed her to develop strategies with proven results in social media growth, content management, product launches, community management, event production and media relations. Janet also has an eye for creative direction, content curation and content creation. 

Bailey Bowman.jpg
Bailey Bouwman

Content Specialist

Bailey Bouwman is a practiced content creator and social media specialist, joining us with five years of experience. Her area of expertise includes writing blogs, creating content, and social media management across platforms. She loves repurposing content and embracing new and changing social media tools.